Sunday, February 1, 2009

Proud Father

In the past month, my son has started to discover sports. Being a man who learns more about national news through Sportscenter than CNN, I am ecstatic. I would be happy either way, but it sure makes sports more fun for me seeing someone discover it for the first time. Having been a Texas Tech fan, I have become used to being close but yet so far and perhaps have become jaded in the past few years.

Taking Owen to a Hockey game, which in fact was my first NHL hockey game. Within 5 minutes he knew who the good guys were and who the bad guys were.

Next was today with Michelle's soccer game. He saw Mom's shoes and wanted to put on his shin guards. We went to the game and he played with the linesman while I fed Tess.

Also today he knew we had a Football party today and while at the store he wanted to make sure we got some peanuts for the football game.

Lastly he knows the words to We Will Rock You by Queen. Which is a double edged sword if you know Queen well. But I am still proud and maybe it is just me rediscover a love of sports again.

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