Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ipod positioning

I have started to run a lot more lately. I can't go more than 2 miles or so without stopping which is sad since I played soccer. Trying to train for the Fort Worth Mud Run and then try adventure races with my sister. But that is another blog.

While I run I use my Ipod to get my through the plodding monotony. I have now found great headphones that wrap around my ear and don't slide off. My wife hates them which is fine since I never seem to find my old ones. But running with my Ipod has become tedious. One mile or under is fine to run with the Ipod in my hand. This also give easy access to change the song if necessary. But running over a mile, my hand gets cramped and sweaty. I have long sleeve running shirts with some pockets that I can hide it in and run with hands free. My sister got me an adapter with a velcro arm sleeve, but I am not that guy. The gym rat with big arms. Actually I don't have arms big enough to keep it on. So I am stuck with a sweat covered ipod that eventually I can't change the song because my fingers are wet. I also can't get it out of my hand because my hand is cramping in the carpal tunnel position.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

DVD, DVR and Itunes 2/19

DVD - Waiting on Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, but bought Owen Madagascar 2. I don't care what anybody thinks, the Penguins make both Madagascar movies.

DVR - Life on NBC - If you watched Band of Brothers, the lead character is played by the same guy who played Dick Winters. Great character double plot layer every week. One ongoing mystery that deepens every week and the regular Law and Order type murder mystery.

Itunes - The Boxer Rebellion. Can't explain them Radiohead - Coldplay. Chill out music.

Monday, February 16, 2009

2-0 again

This is becoming almost boring to watch anymore. 2-0 everytime. Although Mexico probably should have gotten one, but Rafael Marquez's impression of the Karate Kid ended that thought. The U.S. was plain and simple the better team on the field.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

US vs Mexico

US vs Mexico

This is the grudge match in North American soccer. It isn't the oldest or the deepest in the world, but it does have a nice little history and just plain unsportsmanlike conduct. The US won the first match back in 1934, but then didn't win again until 1980. Since 1991 Mexico has started to struggle against the US unless they were playing in the Mile High Smog filled Azteca stadium. In fact the US has flipped the results completely since 2000.

* Mexican fans chant Osama to the U-23 team in 2004.
* In 2001, the US decides to stop playing games against Mexico in LA, Houston, Chicago with large hispanic populations. They move to Columbus even playing in cold weather which aggravated the Mexican players who didn't warm up before the game calling the game Guerra Fria
* Landon Donovan caught peeing in Estadio Jalisco in Mexico because they didn't open the locker room, but they didn't stop the uproar from Mexico.
*Oswaldo Sanchez tries to take out the US forward Eddie Johnson after being scored on by Landon Donovan.
* When your captain departs from the normal cliche "It's just another game" and states "It's not just another game for me. I clearly, absolutely, desperately want to beat them,"
* Hooting and whistling and booing during the Star Spangled Banner, just about every match this happens against Mexico.
* I have now lost count on the number of coaches since 2001 for Mexico. Everytime they get beat they change.
* They are selling voodoo dolls in Mexico for the latest match. Voodoo dolls with "Gringos" on the back.
* Personally been to one game in the Cotton Bowl. US won on a last minute goal 1-0. Mexican fans didn't realize they had lost on the way out. Had to show him the score board. I have cheered in the Aggie section at Kyle field when my team was winning against the Aggies, but there hasn't been a feeling like being the lone two guys standing in the Mexican section (which was the whole stadium) cheering after Eddie Pope crashed the winning goal in. I have never been more scared in my life, even the time someone tried to rob me.

I may be a little biased for the US, but it sure seems during the games that Mexico has definitely become frustrated because the unsportsmanlike conduct's two way street is heavy on the Mexican side of the road. Tomorrow night is a World Cup Qualifier, and might not end up deciding how goes to the World Cup because the top 3 out of 6 go down to South Africa in 2010. But I might expect some fireworks, because Mexico wants it bad and they aren't playing that well lately. In fact they lost to Sweden at home 1-0 and the US beat Sweden 3-2 although the game really was in the US hands until the last minute goal to make it 3-2.

It should be interesting, unless the new Mexican coach Sven Goran Eriksson plays it safe for the tie on the road which he has been known to do and hated in England for it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Watching the Grammy's and The Lost Art of the Album and Mix tape

Watching the Grammy's and plugging away around Itunes. By the way Coldplay just ripped off the Beatles Sgt. Pepper outfits, but at least the admitted it. Where did the art of the album go? Nobody makes a good album anymore. I haven't bought a CD or tape in years. I thought I was just getting older, but asking my interns at work and they rarely buy CD's and have never bought a tape. Mix tape is a foreign phrase to them. I guess you can't blame the artists or labels, the Andy Warhol prophecy of "Everyone will have 15 minutes of fame" is becoming more true and even shorter time.

The Album is now one big song and makeup some others to make a CD and money off that one song. I think the 90's were when the last full albums were released. The Grammy's big winner is Song of the Year not really Album of the Year. I love albums that flow together where you can't just hit skip because the last song just leads right into the next. The great bands of the 60's and 70's knew how to do it and most of the bands in the 80's although good music in the 80's is hard to come by but that is another argument I start with my wife everytime. This makes me wonder why a lot of the current bands are emulating those bands and why they keep coming back for reunion tours.

The mixtape has been lost and not because of CD's it is because of Itunes and Ipods. The playlist is the next best thing, but you can't give that to someone without them buying the songs. Maybe Itunes can put something together where the playlist maker pays 99 cents for the 10 song playlist to give to someone to play for a month or a number of plays. Don't you think that some of the songs would get bought later if passed around.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Proud Father

In the past month, my son has started to discover sports. Being a man who learns more about national news through Sportscenter than CNN, I am ecstatic. I would be happy either way, but it sure makes sports more fun for me seeing someone discover it for the first time. Having been a Texas Tech fan, I have become used to being close but yet so far and perhaps have become jaded in the past few years.

Taking Owen to a Hockey game, which in fact was my first NHL hockey game. Within 5 minutes he knew who the good guys were and who the bad guys were.

Next was today with Michelle's soccer game. He saw Mom's shoes and wanted to put on his shin guards. We went to the game and he played with the linesman while I fed Tess.

Also today he knew we had a Football party today and while at the store he wanted to make sure we got some peanuts for the football game.

Lastly he knows the words to We Will Rock You by Queen. Which is a double edged sword if you know Queen well. But I am still proud and maybe it is just me rediscover a love of sports again.