Sunday, February 8, 2009

Watching the Grammy's and The Lost Art of the Album and Mix tape

Watching the Grammy's and plugging away around Itunes. By the way Coldplay just ripped off the Beatles Sgt. Pepper outfits, but at least the admitted it. Where did the art of the album go? Nobody makes a good album anymore. I haven't bought a CD or tape in years. I thought I was just getting older, but asking my interns at work and they rarely buy CD's and have never bought a tape. Mix tape is a foreign phrase to them. I guess you can't blame the artists or labels, the Andy Warhol prophecy of "Everyone will have 15 minutes of fame" is becoming more true and even shorter time.

The Album is now one big song and makeup some others to make a CD and money off that one song. I think the 90's were when the last full albums were released. The Grammy's big winner is Song of the Year not really Album of the Year. I love albums that flow together where you can't just hit skip because the last song just leads right into the next. The great bands of the 60's and 70's knew how to do it and most of the bands in the 80's although good music in the 80's is hard to come by but that is another argument I start with my wife everytime. This makes me wonder why a lot of the current bands are emulating those bands and why they keep coming back for reunion tours.

The mixtape has been lost and not because of CD's it is because of Itunes and Ipods. The playlist is the next best thing, but you can't give that to someone without them buying the songs. Maybe Itunes can put something together where the playlist maker pays 99 cents for the 10 song playlist to give to someone to play for a month or a number of plays. Don't you think that some of the songs would get bought later if passed around.

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