Saturday, September 26, 2009

Owen Soccer Game #2

Not going to talk too much about the first game. Getting four year old kids to kick it towards the correct goal and to stop when it goes out of bounds is a victory. You take into account four year olds versus six year olds (Not even looking at that Owen is a small four year old like in the less than 10% range in height). The game was a blow out and not even fun for the kids.

Game #2 was much better for the kids. They weren't concentrating on where to line up and when to go and stop and so I think most of the kids finally were going after the ball. Owen is great in practice probably dribbles, kicks, heads the ball just as good or better than other kids, but when it comes to games he wants nothing to do with the mass of floppy hair, little elbows, flying shoelaces and shinguards. He usually just kind of stands outside of the cloud of kids and waits for the ball. This week he chased the ball up and down the field. He didn't score, but he got in the middle and kicked the ball. And I was proud of the fact he tried even though he was two years and two weight classes lower than everybody on the field.

But he now knows he is the smaller kid and he figured it out. He kicked the ball off and the ball ended up after a few kicks from everybody near the other teams goal. One of the larger kids from the other team started to take the ball down the side line and Owen chased him the length of the field with Michelle and I cheering him on the whole way. The kid eventually scored, and I cheered great job to him but I could see him stop after the kid scored and I could feel what was coming next. I saw his hands go up to his face and the eyes started tearing up. "I tried Daddy he was too big and too fast" he wailed as he ran back to me. I almost started to cry also. I used to go by the Yoda mantra "Do or do not, There is no try" But I have to look at this from a different point of view. Owen didn't stop the kid from scoring but he did run his tail off.

The kick off

The chase down the field

Tears welling up

Ref trying to check to see if he is hurt

Running to dad

New Start Update 1

Okay Update on my motiviation for new start.

1) I am not a linquist so learning spanish has been postponed.

2) Piano. My father in law has offered his piano. Just have to get it up here from College Station now.

3) Red Cross. I completed the initial training orientation, just need to start other classes / training to get on a team. Might take me until this spring to get them all in hopefully I can get them all in before tornado season starts up. Have to learn Mass care training, Canteen truck training, etc .

Just trying to use blog more and learn to put a video in my blog.

Owen loves music and dancing. I made this about 6 months ago though.