Sunday, January 18, 2009


My sister somehow has a friend of a friend of a friend with free inauguration tickets. So she is currently trekking across country to see this inauguration or formal beginning.

I envy her freedom of taking off but that comes with not having a job right now. Like Jack Kerouac but with a purpose. (Sorry I hated "On the Road", but that is another blog) I also envy her excitement for going to see a historical event. Every inaguration is a historical event. The party before the rebirth. At least every 8 years, this country can hoot and holler and then reboot itself. I wonder if that is what the founding fathers were thinking about when they set this system up. Reboot, Restart, Oops maybe that wasn't the right way to go let's change it up.

This isn't about George W. Bush and I don't want to go into politics too much because I am a liberal in Texas and a Conservative in Boston or Chicago and it doesn't fit into my point about rebirth. Sports teams get to start over every season. School year's start a fresh every year except for that cumulative GPA. Hope springs from this rebirth. People need hope otherwise you are like Kerouac wandering aimlessly without purpose. To tie this up a little better look up what the purpose of Jesus was on this earth.

Because I might have borrowed some lines
Read "Jesus for President" Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw

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