Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Start

Okay I promised myself I would start one of three things before September.

1) Learn Spanish - My mom teaches and I still don't know much except the bad words I learned from playing soccer.

2) Relearn the Piano - I always thought the main character in Beautiful Girls had an awesome job as a lounge piano player. Who cares about the money right?

3) Join the Disaster Team at Red Cross.

My wife voted for the disaster team at Red Cross and so I sent the email in to learn how tonight. One more thing to kick start this was watching the movie The Hurt Locker. The movie highlights a Improvised Explosive Device (IED) US Army Team. It is not a documentary, but tried to feel a little like one at times. The main characters deal with war zone as all war movies do, but more specifically deals with one man's reason for joining the IED squad which is the most dangerous job in Baghdad / Afghanistan right now. Was it just an adrenaline rush that acts like a drug for him or is he honestly trying to help people? The movie doesn't anwer the question and probably it shouldn't. But it forced me to decide what I could do and what I would enjoy doing at the same time. It isn't disarming bombs, but helping people and enjoying it can go hand and hand.

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